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Objects identifiers

Every game object (creature, artifact, hero, spell) needs to have unique numeric identifier (ID). These IDs are assigned dynamically at game start. Original Shadow of Death objects are considered fixed. This solution makes the script independent of mods currently installed and active.

Additionally, each object has unique string identifier that allows user to quickly call it. This, however, may cause troubles when two different mods try to use same identifier. String IDS are suggested to be upper-case.


Wrappers are object pointers that allow direct access to certain object and simple modification based on it's build-in functions. Only safe functions related to scripted mechanics should be accessible with them.

usage of identifiers

Reference to certain object via script has a form:


For example, for package Wake of Gods


is Supreme Archangel ID and


is Monster's Power ID.

Converting identifiers

These calls are equal and interchangeable.

  • monID - global numeric indentifier (integer) provided by ModHandler
  • index_of_phoenix - local numeric identifier given during package creation
  • TWO_HEADED_PHOENIX - string identifier
  • monster - object wrapper

Global reference

monID = creatures("TWO_HEADED_PHOENIX")
giveCreatureBonus(monID, Bonus)

OR (overloading)


Package reference

monID = OurMod.creatures(index_of_phoenix);


monID = OurMod.creatures("TWO_HEADED_PHOENIX")

Object-oriented fashion

monster = OurMod.getCreature(index_of_phoenix);


monster = OurMod.getCreature("TWO_HEADED_PHOENIX")

Discussion: How to differ between numeric IDs, string IDs and wrappers in convenient way? Which of them should be default for user? Which one is recommended?

Adventure object identifiers

As adventure objects have double identifiers (ID and subID), they have to be threated differently. By default, Mod Handler assigns unique ID to each new adventure object class added and their subID is 0.

There is a script function which allows to add object as a next subID to the existing group with specific ID.

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