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This is description of mod.json file, main file for mods.

Schema in git: config/schemas/mod.json

Fields for local file and repository

    // Name of your mod. While it does not have hard length limit
    // it should not be longer than ~30 symbols to fit into allowed space
    "name" : "My test mod",

    // More lengthy description of mod. No hard limit. This text will be visible in launcher.
    // This field can use small subset of HTML, see link at the bottom of this page.
    "description" : "My test mod that add a lot of useless stuff into the game",

    // Author of mod. Can be nickname, real name or name of team
    "author" : "Anonymous",

    // Full name of license used by mod. Should be set only if you're author of mod
    // or received permission to use such license from original author
    "licenseName" : "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike",

    // URL which user can use to see license terms and text
    "licenseURL" : "",

    // Home page of mod or link to forum thread to contact the author
    "contact" : "",

    // Type of mod, list of all possible values:
    // "Translation", "Town", "Test", "Templates", "Spells", "Music", "Sounds", "Skills", "Other", "Objects", 
    // "Mechanics", "Interface", "Heroes", "Graphical", "Expansion", "Creatures", "Artifacts", "AI"
    "modType" : "Graphical",

    // List of mods that are required to run this one
    "depends" :
    // List of mods that can't be enabled in the same time as this one
    "conflicts" :

    //List of changes/new features in each version
    "changelog" :
        "1.0"   : [ "initial release" ],
        "1.0.1" : [ "change 1", "change 2" ],
        "1.1"   : [ "change 3", "change 4" ]

    // If set to true, mod will not be enabled automatically on install
    "keepDisabled" : false

Fields specific for local file

These are fields that are present only in local mod.json file

    // Following section describes configuration files with content added by mod
    // It can be split into several files in any way you want but recommended organization is
    // to keep one file per object (creature/hero/etc) and, if applicable, add separate file
    // with translatable strings for each type of content
    // See "additional links" at the bottom of page for descriptions of each of these formats

    // list of factions/towns configuration files
    "factions" :

    // List of hero classes configuration files
    "heroClasses" :

    // List of heroes configuration files
    "heroes" :

    // list of creature configuration files
    "creatures" :

    // List of artifacts configuration files
    "artifacts" :

    // List of objects defined in this mod
    "objects" :

    // List of spells defined in this mod
    "spells" :

    // List of RMG templates defined in this mod
    "templates" :

    // Optional, description on how files are organized in your mod
    // In most cases you do not need to use this field
    // Needed mostly to port any existing mods to vcmi (e.g. WoG distributed with Era)
    // Example below is default value, which is "Content" directory that acts as H3 root directory
                {"type" : "dir",  "path" : "/Content"}

Fields present only in repository

This is list of fields that must be added to mod record in repository file

    // URL which launcher will use to download mod
    "download" : "",

    // size of mod archive, in kilobytes
    "size" : 12345,

    // list of URL's with screenshots for this mod
    "screenshots" : [


For mod description it is possible to use certain subset of HTML as described here:

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