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Notes about H3M

some bugs in VCMI

  • unknown field p7 in player config is boolean flag controlling use of faction config for player (from SoD BT),
  • field generateHero (unused) is wrong, this is if fact type of main city if it is random.

Map format

New map format


  • JSON based
  • External format. One of:
  1. Single JSON (current)
  2. Single ZIP (several JSON inside: at least header separated)
  • packing tiles
  1. JSON object (current)
    • + easy to implement
    • + more readable
  2. single string
    • + faster
  • (*) support for multiple levels of different size
  • objects/object types
  1. separated lists of templates and objects (as in h3m) (current)
  2. embed objects in templates
    • + more redable