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Format suggestion

  • I think we should deal with RMG.TXT as we do with other TXTs: convert on-the-fly to JSON.--AVS (talk) 12:35, 25 May 2014 (CEST)
  • We have Oh3 RMG.txt (with original templates) and RMG.json (with our templtes). We introduce new config file (rmg_config.json in writable folder) with user overrides. We load an convert RMG.txt merge with RMG.json and apply rmg_config.json (enable/disable some templates and add user-provided templates).--AVS (talk) 12:45, 25 May 2014 (CEST)
  • Maybe, RMG templates should behave as normal entities (have Handler and may be added by mods)--AVS (talk) 12:45, 25 May 2014 (CEST)