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List of bugs fixed in VCMI

These bugs were present in original Shadow of Death game, however the team decided to fix them to bring back desired behaviour.

List of game mechanics changes

Some of H3 mechanics can't be straight considered as bug, but default VCMI behaviour is different:

  • Dwellings. Remain creatures are accumulated instead of reset each week. Can be disabled using DWELLINGS_ACCUMULATE_CREATURES.
  • Pathfinding. Hero can't grab artifact while flying when all tiles around it are guarded without triggering attack from guard. Original behavior can be re-enabled using "originalMovementRules" pathfinder option.
  • Battles. Hero that won battle, but only have temporary summoned creatures alive going to appear in tavern like if he retreated. Can be disabled using WINNING_HERO_WITH_NO_TROOPS_RETREATS.
  • Objects. Black market changes artifacts every month like town artifact merchants do. Can be disabled using BLACK_MARKET_MONTHLY_ARTIFACTS_CHANGE.
  • Spells. Dimension Door spell doesn't allow to teleport to unexplored tiles. Task on mantis to track this: [1].

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