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About VCMI

The purpose of VCMI project is to rewrite entire HOMM 3: WoG engine from scratch, giving it new and extended possibilities. We hope to support mods and new towns already made by fans but abandoned because of game code limitations.

VCMI is fan-made open-source project in progress. We already allow support for maps of any sizes, higher resolutions and extended engine limits. However, although working, the game is not finished. There are still many features and functionalities to add, both old and brand new.

As yet VCMI is not standalone program, it uses Wake of Gods files and graphics. You need to install WoG before running VCMI.

What VCMI is NOT

VCMI is not an another mod. It does not aim to add new content or modify original mechanics. However, in the future it will be base for other projects which do so.


Below are listed major features that are (not) implemented. For exact list of implemented objects, artifacts, spells and so on, please check VCMI Item Implementation Status Spreadsheet.

What is done

  • Support for HoMM 3 graphics and maps
  • Choosing scenario options
  • Adventure map, moving heroes and interactions with objects
  • Support for non-standard screen resolutions
  • Town interface, including support for Fort and Town Hall windows and handling most of structures
  • Hero and Hero Meeting windows
  • Kingdom overview window
  • Battle interface, handling most of spells
  • Basic (very basic...) battle AI
  • Hot-seat mode
  • Victory and loss conditions

What is still missing

  • AI (outside battles)
  • Network game
  • Campaigns
  • Alliances
  • Possibly cheat-proof multiplayer mode
  • Most of WoG features, like stack experience or commanders
  • Scripting engine and mod support
  • Lots of minor features


  • May 2007 - Project started
  • Jun 08 2007 - VCMI 0.1 released
  • Aug 06 2007 - VCMI 0.2 released
  • Oct 24 2007 - VCMI 0.3 released
  • Dec 29 2007 - VCMI 0.4 released
  • Feb 01 2007 - VCMI forum set up
  • Feb 02 2007 - VCMI 0.5 released
  • Feb 23 2007 - Project has been publicly announced, VCMI 0.54 released
  • Jun 01 2008 - VCMI 0.6 released
  • Feb 01 2009 - Project becomes open-source, VCMI 0.7 released
  • Oct 01 2009 - VCMI bugtracker set up
  • Mar 01 2010 - VCMI 0.8 released