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ISpellCaster - public interface. (Magic resource and Spellbook should be hidden)
== ISpellCaster - public interface. ==
(Magic resource and Spellbook should be hidden)
== Target ==
== Target ==

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  1. Hero
  2. Creature
  3. Artifact
  4. (*) Scriptable virtual. Fully customizable by scripts.

Magic resource

Encapsulates remaining casts or mana.

  1. constructs with type (CASTS or MANA) and initial amount.
  2. Should it disclose actual type?
  • bool canAfford(Spell*)
  • si32 getBalance() (?) or maybe directly print to smth - actual amount is also detail


In (abstract) public interface provides access to all spells available for caster.

As concrete object in hero instance contains permanent spells aviable for caster.

ISpellCaster - public interface.

(Magic resource and Spellbook should be hidden)


  1. Object - any object in adv map. (f.e. scuttle boat).
  2. (?)Tile - any tile on map (f.e. DD)
  3. Battle creature
  4. Battle obstacle
  5. Battle hex
  6. (*) Battle hero.
  • there can be multiple targets.
  • on adv map, if no target then it assumed hero itself (f.e. vision, viewXXX ).
  • (->) target selection configuration use selector semantic similar to bonus system.

ISpellTarger - public interface.

  • bool canBeTargetedBy(Spell*) //affects casting GUI and AI logic (client and server) - trying to cast spell to not possible target shall be recoverable error (no exceptions just log)
  • bool isImmuneTo(Spell*) //affects mechanics processing (server side)
  • void cast(Spell*) //apply spell effects (server side)
  • TODO: resisting mirror etc


  • bool isImmuneBy(BonusBearer*) - should be called by target in isImmuneTo with this as parameter or isImmuneTo shall return false.
  • bool canBeTargetedBy(BonusBearer*) - should be called by target in canBeTargetedBy with this as parameter if some bonus related mechanics should be involved - in such case target shall be Bearer.

Common interface

Used by GUI, AI, (?) Server. Readonly.

Service-oriented design version

Use singleton Handler and methods accepting TSpell as first parameter.

  • (+) script-frendly
  • (+) low coupling

OO design version with proxy

  1. CSpellInfo - proxy class. Constructs from TSpell.
  • (+) more readable
  • (+) low coupling

OO design version

  1. CSpell -
  2. CSpellHandler
  • (+) current version
  • (-) higher coupling

GUI related interface

used by GUI

  • animation
  • sound
  • description for spellbook
  • icon for spellbook, scroll etc.
  • (+) inherit all from common interface.

OO design version with proxy

  1. SpellView - proxy class. Header file public.
  2. SpellViewHandler - singleton class (hidden) Header file private: used only by implementation of SpellView and CGI.

Server interface

used by server-side handlers

  • applying effects
    • do damage
    • set timed effects
    • adv map logic



Spell Format