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Scripts. I suggest a thing like Interface Scripts - scripts that handles UI, graphics etc. and has no direct access to game data, however they can make a call to server possibly quering server script for something I suggest that because network-polling for every menu click will be relatively slow, and with my aproach scripts can be asynchronous (eg. caching player decision and send as a batch, not calling any server routine if ie. player goes to bank and says "No, Thanks", taking actions without impact on server data would be possible without server polling (resizing of windows, sorting hero lists, choosing possible skin etc.)) and there can be direct access to client's UI/graphics/music without polling server (skinning, doing "Event received makes sound", popping up some funny useles OK-only dialogs etc)

generally interface scripts either doesn't affect server state at all, or are sending requests to scripts on server to make server consider making changes