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The list of all essential, optional and requested features alongside with the team members interested in them.

Heroes III

Missing features at Trello

Most important bugfixes

Establish release process

In January 2021 there was a proposition on Slack to make 3 branches: develop, beta and stable. develop is where people make their changes when they are ready, people can test it but its not for normal players beta is for players who agree to be testers stable is for players who want stable version

HD mod/quality of life

contact MikeLodz about this section

These are necessary, as although they werent present back in 1999, they are standard today.

  • quick transfer of artifacts and armies between heroes, started here
  • adventure map: movements points preview and cost
  • move artifacts between visiting town and garrison heroes

see here for full list of enhancements:

  • some walking creatures need to move faster during battles, as its a complete waste of time
  • this one not sure if its bug or missing hd mod feature: it should be possible to preview hero screen when choosing a skill on levelup.

Hota rebalances?

contact MikeLodz about this section

  • what is our stance on Hota rebalances ? we should discuss them at least and decide which to adopt, and which to ignore *

Random map generator


Adventure AI

  • More functionality
    • Adventure map spells support
    • Survival instinct - AI defending towns, escaping etc.
    • Handling of all adventure map objects
  • Evaluating game objects
    • priority for visited objects over others sharing similiar function
    • Support for new objects possible to add via mods - use abstract interface to determine rewards etc.
  • Advanced strategy
    • Battle preparation (constructing suitable army & strategy)
    • Expert system for Bonuses (Warmonger)

Main menu

  • Hall of Fame


  • Possibility for creatures to cast arbitrary spells, as in H4/H5

Scripting system

  • Language support
  • Synchronising scripts in multiplayer

Mod system

  • Adding new content
    • Adventure map objects
    • Battlefields

Forum thread

Wog features

  • Mithril
  • ERM handling (Tow, Tow Dragon)

New features

  • Support for other languages files (Ivan)
  • Support for multiple map levels
  • New map editor
  • Installer

Online game

  • Simultaneous turns
  • Spectator mode
  • Dedicated server mode
  • Replays

Other platforms

New graphics

New menus project and graphics

  • New stack experience menu (forum thread)
  • New stack artifact dialog

Improved support for high resolutions

  • Auto-adjust resolution
  • Moddable menus

New players

  • More player color graphics
  • New menus

32-bit graphics

800 x 480 resolution

Experimental version posted on our forum is available here.