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The list of all essential, optional and requested features alongside with the team members interested in them.

Heroes III

Missing features at Trello

Adventure AI

  • More functionality
    • Adventure map spells support
    • Survival instinct - AI defending towns, escaping etc.
    • Handling of all adventure map objects
  • Evaluating game objects
    • priority for visited objects over others sharing similiar function
    • Support for new objects possible to add via mods - use abstract interface to determine rewards etc.
  • Advanced strategy
    • Battle preparation (constructing suitable army & strategy)
    • Expert system for Bonuses (Warmonger)

Online game


Missing objects

Main menu

  • Hall of Fame



  • Possibility for creatures to cast arbitrary spells, as in H4/H5

Scripting system

  • Language support
  • Synchronising scripts in multiplayer

Mod system

  • Adding new content
    • Adventure map objects
    • Battlefields

Forum thread

Wog features

  • Mithril
  • ERM handling (Tow, Tow Dragon)

New features

  • Support for other languages files (Ivan)
  • Support for multiple map levels
  • New map editor
  • Installer

Online game

  • Simultaneous turns
  • Spectator mode
  • Dedicated server mode
  • Replays

Other platforms

New graphics

New menus project and graphics

  • New stack experience menu (forum thread)
  • New stack artifact dialog

Improved support for high resolutions

  • Auto-adjust resolution
  • Moddable menus

New players

  • More player color graphics
  • New menus

32-bit graphics

800 x 480 resolution

Experimental version posted on our forum is available here.