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The list of all essentail, optional and requested features alongside with the team members interested in them.


Key features

Missing game objects


Hero specialities


Adventure AI

  • Basic functionality
  • Pararell processing - important for game speed
  • Evaluating game objects
  • Support for new objects possible to add via mods

Main menu

  • Multiplayer (Tow)
  • Loading map screen
  • Hall of Fame
  • Credits

Online game


Pathfinder with teleport / ship handling



Time events

  • Week of +5 growth
  • Month of double growth or plague

Scripting system

  • Language support (Warmonger)
  • Adding new creatures, artifacts, towns and more
  • Mod file format
  • Setting and configuring mods
  • Synchronising scripts in multiplayer

Optional features

Wog features

  • Stack experience
  • Commanders
  • Mithril
  • ERM handling

Support for other languages files

Support for multiple map levels

Simultaneous turns

GOG version compatibility

  • sound

forum thread


forum thread

Other platforms

Random map generator

Map editor with new objects support


Graphic development

Key features

New menus project and graphics

  • Quest Journal with minimap and complex description
  • New stack experience menu
  • New stack artifact dialog
  • Resolution & advanced options dialog
  • Mod browser

New resolutions graphics and background image

Optional features

New / improved resolutions in general

  • Auto-adjust resolution
  • Moddable menus

New players

  • More player color graphics
  • New menus

32-bit graphics

800 x 480 resolution

Experimental version posted on our forum is available here.