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(Optional features: VCMI is now GOG-compatible.)
(Wog features)
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* Commanders
* Commanders
* Mithril
* Mithril
* ERM handling
* ERM handling (Tow, Tow Dragon)
=== Support for other languages files ===
=== Support for other languages files ===

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The list of all essential, optional and requested features alongside with the team members interested in them.


Key features

Missing game objects


Adventure AI

  • Basic functionality
  • Pararell processing - important for game speed
  • Evaluating game objects
  • Support for new objects possible to add via mods

Main menu

  • Multiplayer (Tow)
  • Loading map screen
  • Hall of Fame
  • Credits

Online game


Pathfinder with teleport / ship handling

Scripting system

  • Language support
  • Adding new creatures, artifacts, towns and more
  • Mod file format
  • Setting and configuring mods
  • Synchronising scripts in multiplayer

Optional features

Wog features

  • Stack experience (Warmonger)
  • Commanders
  • Mithril
  • ERM handling (Tow, Tow Dragon)

Support for other languages files

Support for multiple map levels

Simultaneous turns


forum thread

Other platforms

Random map generator

Map editor with new objects support


Graphic development

Key features

New menus project and graphics

  • Quest Journal with minimap and complex description
  • New stack experience menu
  • New stack artifact dialog
  • Resolution & advanced options dialog
  • Mod browser

New resolutions graphics and background image

Optional features

New / improved resolutions in general

  • Auto-adjust resolution
  • Moddable menus

New players

  • More player color graphics
  • New menus

32-bit graphics

800 x 480 resolution

Experimental version posted on our forum is available here.