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Current contributors/helpers

Nicknames Last hear date How he/she helps
Alexvins aka AVS 16.02.2021 Code master, code review, coding scripting support
Sxx Arseniy S. 11.2020 Project management, build tools
Dydzio 16.02.2021 Project mentoring, android google play deploy
Nullkiller Andrii Danylchenko 16.02.2021 New AI, Hd mod features, bugfixing
Dmitry aka ShubusCorporation 16.02.2021 new features for modders, bugfixing
MikeLodz 16.02.2021 bugfixing, testing/qa, wikipedia updates
Misiokles 16.02.2021 Community support, active modder, helps with testing and knowledge
  • and many others modders and helpers, including but not limiting to: Andruids, Povelitel, zeryss. As well as some "retired" contributors, that still give help and advice from time to time. Thank you all!

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  • 683 "in progress" tickets that have normal or higher priority.
  • Out of these, 106 are AI related tickets, and will be reviewed and most probably closed after Nullkiller merges his AI.
  • 16 are mods issues.