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=== Other services ===
=== Other services ===
* Launchpad PPA: https://launchpad.net/~vcmi
* Launchpad PPA: https://launchpad.net/~vcmi
** Member access: SXX
** Member access: AVS
** Administrator access: Ivan
** Administrator access: Ivan, SXX
* Snapcraft Dashboard: https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/
* Snapcraft Dashboard: https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/
** Administrator access: SXX
** Administrator access: SXX

Latest revision as of 10:10, 16 September 2017

This page hold important information about project infrastructure for current and future contributors. At moment it's all maintained by me (SXX), but following information will be useful if someone going to replace me in future.

You can also check detailed information on server configuration.

Services and accounts

So far we using following services:

Most important

  • VCMI.eu domain paid until July of 2019.
    • Owner: Tow
    • Our main domain used by services.
  • VCMI.download paid until November of 2026.
    • Owner: SXX
    • Intended to be used for all assets downloads.
    • Domain registered on GANDI and can be renewed by anyone without access to account.
  • DigitalOcean team.
    • Our hosting sponsor.
    • Administrator access: SXX, Warmonger.
    • User access: AVS, Tow.
  • CloudFlare account.
    • Access through shared login / password.
    • All of our infrastructure is behind CloudFlare and all our webWe'll manage our DNS there.
  • Google Apps (G Suite) account.
    • It's only for vcmi.eu domain and limited to 5 users. Each account has limit of 500 emails / day.
    • One administrative email used for other services registration.
    • "noreply" email used for outgoing mail on Wiki and Bug Tracker.
    • "forum" email used for outgoing mail on Forums. Since we authenticate everyone through forum it's should be separate email.
    • Administrator access: Tow, SXX.
  • Google Play Console account.
    • Hold ownership over VCMI Android App.
    • Owner: SXX
    • Administrator access: Warmonger, AVS.
    • Release manager access: Fay.

Not all services let us safely share login credentials, but at least when possible at least two of core developers must have access to them in case of emergency.

Public relations

We want to notify players about updates on as many social services as possible.

Other media:

Communication channels

  • Slack team: https://h3vcmi.slack.com/
    • Owner: vmarkovtsev
    • Administrator access: SXX, Warmonger, AVS...
  • Trello team: https://trello.com/vcmi/
    • Administrator access: SXX
  • Unofficial discord:
    • Owner: dydzio
    • Administrator access: SXX
  • Unofficial IRC channel: irc.freenode.net #vcmi

Other services

Reserve accounts for other code hosting services:

What's to improve

  1. Encourage Tow to transfer VCMI.eu to GANDI so it's can be also renewed without access.
  2. Use 2FA on CloudFlare and just ask everyone to get FreeOTP and then use shared secret.
  3. Centralized way to post news about game updates to all social media.