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This page lists all mods currently available for VCMI

Mod usage

To install mod unpack archive in /Mods. This should result in such directory structure: <data directory>/Mods/<name of mod>/mod.json

There is no need to activate newly installed mods - any mods not present in list of loaded mods will be considered as newly installed and will be enabled on start.

If you want to activate or deactivate specific mod open file <data dir>/config/modSettings.json. Set mod state to "false" for disabling it or to "true" for enabling.

To remove mod delete its folder (<data dir>/Mods/modname). Note that there is no update modSettings.json manually.


Data directory location is system-specific:

  • Windows : Same as your Heroes III directory
  • Unix-like : Inside home directory: ~/.vcmi

Mod list

For 0.93


Town Cove town (Russian) Authors
Download New town, Cove originally made for HotA addon
now ported to VCMI
VCMI team
HotA Crew

Town Forge Authors
Download New town Witchking

Town Preserve Town Authors
Download New town Lord_Hawk


Creatures Centamonths Authors
Download Two new creatures, big and furry Axolotl, Warmonger


Artifacts New artifacts pack Authors
Download First new artifact pack proposed by Withcking Witchking

Artifacts H4 artifacts pack Authors
Download Artifacts from H4 ported to VCMI Kuririn & Warmonger


Graphical High resolution main menu Authors
Download New scalable main menu graphics that can be used with high resolutions Dru

Miscellaneous Unlucky ones Authors
Download Negative luck mod, enables this option and makes game more suited for this feature Ivan
[ Screenshot]