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Welcome to VCMI Project Wiki

VCMI is an open-source project aiming to reimplement HMM3:WoG and SoD game engines, giving it new and extended possibilities.

Latest release

As of 11th of September 2021, we released VCMI 1.0.0. Now we plan to have releases 1-2 times per year. Daily builds are still available at but they are not guaranteed to be stable. So we encourage everybody to use them and report found bugs so that we can fix them.
We try not to break savegame files compatibility, when possible but implementing it for release 1.0.0 was too complicated so older saves will not work there. The latest 0.99 build is 10th of September
Please see corresponding "installation on" articles for details for your platform.

Documentation and guidelines for users

Documentation and guidelines for modders

Documentation and guidelines for developers

VCMI Places