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Where are the log files

Log files are written to:

  • Windows: Same as your Heroes III location
  • Linux: ~/.cache/vcmi
  • UNIX: ~./vcmi

There is a log file named VCMI_Client_log.txt for the client executable and a log file named VCMI_Server_log.txt for the server executable.

How to set the log level to debug

If you want to set the log level to debug or trace to let developers know what went wrong or to write a bug report, then you should first open your settings.json with a text editor. The file is located at:

  • Windows: Heroes III location/config
  • Linux: ~/.config/vcmi
  • UNIX: ~./vcmi/config

Add the "logging" : { ... } part to the file, that it may look like this:

    "logging" : {
        "loggers" : [
                "domain" : "global",
                "level" : "debug"

You can substitute the value debug with trace to log traces as well.