Installation on macOS

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Download and install VCMI

If the app doesn't open:

  • if error message says something like VCMI is damaged and must be moved to Trash, then open Terminal, paste the following command and press Return (note that you might have other path than /Applications/
xattr -d /Applications/
  • otherwise, right-click the app bundle - select Open menu item - press Open button

Please report about gameplay problem on forums: Help & Bugs

If your problem is Mac-specific: DMG corrupted or if it doesn't start please use following topic:

Make sure to specify what hardware and macOS version you use.

Installing Heroes III data files

  1. Find a way to unpack Windows Heroes III or GOG installer. For example, use vcmibuilder script inside app bundle or install the game with CrossOver / Wineskin.
  2. Copy (or symlink) Data, Maps and Mp3 directories from Heroes III to:
~/Library/Application\ Support/vcmi/

Connect to the mod repository (optional)

  • If that's your first installation, connection to the mod repository will be configured automatically, you'll see mods available to install from VCMI launcher