Installation on macOS

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Download and install VCMI

If the app doesn't open:

  • if error message says VCMI is damaged and must be moved to Trash, then open Terminal, paste the following command and press Return (note that you might have other path than /Applications/
xattr -d /Applications/
  • otherwise, right-click the app bundle - select Open menu item - press Open button

Please report about gameplay problem on forums: Help & Bugs

If your problem is Mac-specific: DMG corrupted or if it doesn't start please use following topic:

Make sure to specify what hardware and macOS version you use.

Installing Heroes III data files

  1. Find a way to unpack Windows Heroes III or GOG installer. For example, use vcmibuilder script inside app bundle or install the game with CrossOver / Wineskin.
  2. Copy "Data", "Maps" and "Mp3" from Heroes III to:
~/Library/Application\ Support/vcmi/

Connect to the mod repository (optional)

  • If that's your first installation, connection to the mod repository will be configured automatically, you'll see mods available to install from VCMI launcher