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You can run VCMI on iOS 10.0 and later, all devices are supported.

Download and install VCMI

Daily builds:

To run on a non-jailbroken device you need to sign the IPA file, you have the following options:

  • AltStore or Sideloadly - can be installed on Windows or macOS, don't require dealing with signing on your own
  • Get signer tool here and a guide here (it's for Kodi, but the logic is the same). Signing with this app can only be done on macOS.
  • Create signing assets on macOS from terminal. In the command replace with something like com.MY-NAME.vcmi. After that use the above signer tool.
  • Sign from any OS. You'd still need to find a way to create signing assets (private key and provisioning profile) though.

Installing Heroes III data files

To play the game, you need to upload HoMM3 data files - Data, Maps and Mp3 directories - to the device. Use Finder (or iTunes, if you're on Windows or your macOS is 10.14 or earlier) for that. You can also add various mods by uploading Mods directory. Follow official Apple guide and place files into VCMI app. Unfortunately, Finder doesn't display copy progress, give it about 10 minutes to finish.

Note: currently iOS doesn't support music in mp3 format. If you want to listen to game music, convert mp3 to ogg, e.g. with FFmpeg. Place the ogg files in the "Mp3" directory.

Installing data files with Xcode on macOS

You can also upload files with Xcode. You need to prepare "container" for that.

  1. Connect your device to your Mac
  2. Start Xcode
  3. Open Devices and Simulators window: Cmd+Shift+2 or Menu - Window - Devices and Simulators
  4. Select VCMI
  5. In the bottom find "three dots" or "cogwheel" button (it should be next to + - buttons) - click it - select Download Container...
  6. Place the game directories inside the downloaded container - AppData - Documents
  7. Click the "three dots" / "cogwheel" button in Xcode again - Replace Container... - select the downloaded container
  8. Wait until Xcode finishes copying, progress is visible (although it might be "indefinite")

Game controls

  • Tap = left click
  • Tap and hold (long press) = right click
  • Pinch with 2 fingers = tab (activates chat/console in the game)

You can start game directly (avoiding the launcher) by changing setting in iOS Settings app - VCMI.

Reporting bugs