Installation on Windows

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Step 1: Download and install VCMI

Step 2: Installing Heroes III data files

  • Install Heroes III from disk or using GOG installer.
  • Copy "Data", "Maps" and "Mp3" from Heroes III to:
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\vcmi\

Create this folder if it doesnt exist yet

Step 3: (for release 1.0.0 and above) connect to the mod repository

  • If that's your first installation, connection to the mod repository will be configured automatically, you'll see mods available to install from VCMI launcher

Step 3: (for old builds 0.99 and earlier) download and copy and enable Essential Package

  • Skip this step if you installed 1.0.0 or latest daily build
  • For some technical reasons it wasn't included in game installation package for legacy versions and needs to be downloaded and activated seperately
  • Download "VCMI essential files mods" from here
  • After unpacking, copy folder Mods to your main VCMI directory
  • When launching game, please enable "VCMI essential files" as well as its sub-elements: Andruids Bonus Icons, Bonus Icons, Spell Immunity bonus icons, Extra resolutions and Default templates.