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Warning: these packages are not yet tested. Use them with caution.

Installation from packages

Install original game and WoG addon in this directory


This should give you such directory structure


Install VCMI data package in the same directory.

Download and install package for your distributive. To install package along with all dependencies:

sudo dpkg -i downloaded_package.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

To start the game:



Other Debian-based distibutives

VCMI requires g++-4.5 and boost-1.46 which are unavailable on Debian stable and Ubuntu 10.10 or lower. If you'll manage to install them you can compile VCMI from source code.

Another (and probably more safe) option is to create chroot enviroment (how-to). This will allow to install package from another distributive.

Other Linux distibutives

Currently VCMI supports generation of .deb packages only. Patches to add support of other package formats are welcomed.

Compiling from source

For compiling from source see README.linux file. You can get packaged source here


Report any issues with packages on our bugtracker or post a message on VCMI forums