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Download and install VCMI

This app requires original heroes 3 sod / complete files to operate, they are not supplied with this installer. it is recommended to purchase version from Heroes 3 "hd edition" (steam version) files are not supported !!!
Installation is a two step process, at first you need to install game, then you need to upload Heroes3 original data files into your android device.

Installing Heroes III data files

  • Install Heroes III on your PC or extract Heroes III data files from gog installer
  • Connect your device to PC and enable file transfer.
  • Copy "Data", "Maps" and "Mp3" from Heroes III to any folder on mobile device, then open VCMI, select Heroes III data import option, then select the folder where you copied Heroes III data.

Troubleshooting / well known issues

The game crashes on start

Please double check that you copied original SoD/Complete game files into your Android Device

I installed google play version, but have a problem while installing daily builds

Solution: Uninstall google play version first, before installing daily build version.

I installed play version, but the screen is flashing / blank on its edges

Solution: Should be fixed since VCMI 1.3

The game always starts in 800x600 resolution, cannot effectively change it, also there is a lot of blank space on my widescreen device

Solution: Should be fixed since VCMI 1.3 onwards.

If you use version 1.2 or older - please download "VCMI-extras" mod from VCMI Launcher. Resolution setting 1024x600 is better than original 800x600 for widescreen mobile phones.

Other problems

Make sure to specify your device and used version of Android.