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What to expect working in VCMI?

Most of original game except for RMG (Random map generator), campaigns and multiplayer. Everything else is better to report on our bugtracker.

Can I play VCMI on my Android device?

Read this:

Do I need to install WoG to play VCMI?

No. VCMI has it's own port of WoG mod available from Launcher. We recommend to install VCMI over fresh SoD/ Complete versions.

Game options

How can I change screen resolution?

Start any scenario, open System Options dialog and click "High" button. Note that you need to restart VCMI for this option to have effect.

How to turn off creature queue panel in battles?

Hotkey to switch this panel is "Q"

Can I turn off some WoG features that I don't like?

Yes. Take a look on config/defaultMods.json file and edit it to your liking.

Note to Linux users: this file can be found in vcmi data directory (run vcmiclient -v to see path). It can be copied into ~/.vcmi/config/ to avoid editing file usually owned by root.


Is it possible to add town X to vcmi?

This depends on town authors or anyone else willing to port it to vcmi. Aim of VCMI is to provide support for such features.

Where can I find mods for VCMI?

Check Modding_guidelines#For_players page