Cheat codes

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Following cheat codes have been implemented in VCMI and must be used within in-game chat:

  • vcmiistari - gives all spells and 999 mana to currently selected hero
  • vcmiainur - gives 5 Archangels to every empty slot of currently selected hero
  • vcmiangband - gives 10 black knight into each slot
  • vcmiglaurung - gives 5000 crystal dragons into each slot
  • vcmiarmenelos - build all buildings in currently selected town
  • vcminoldor - all war machines
  • vcminahar - 1000000 movement points
  • vcmiformenos - give resources (100 wood, ore and rare resources and 100000 gold)
  • vcmieagles - reveals FoW
  • vcmiungoliant - conceal FoW
  • vcmiglorfindel - advances currently selected hero to the next level
  • vcmisilmaril - player wins
  • vcmimelkor - player loses
  • vcmiforgeofnoldorking - Hero gets all artifacts except spell book, spell scrolls and war machines. This includes artifacts added via mods.

All cheat codes can be applied for specific players or all of them:

  • vcmieagles ai - Will reveal FoW only for AI players.
  • vcmieagles all - Will reveal FoW for all players on map.
  • vcmieagles blue - Will reveal FoW only for blue player.
  • vcminahar ai - give 1000000 movement points to each hero of every AI player

Some cheats can also be used with certain ObjectInstanceID:

  • vcminahar 123 - give 1000000 movement points to hero with id of 123
  • vcmiarmenelos 123 - build all buildings in town with id of 123

Console commands

Following commands must be used in vcmiclient console (CMD on Windows or terminal on Linux / Mac):

  • autoskip - Toggles autoskip mode on and off. In this mode, player turns are automatically skipped and only AI moves. However, GUI is still present and allows to observe AI moves. After this option is activated, you need to end first turn manually. Press [Shift] before your turn starts to not skip it.
  • onlyai - When typed in pregame, it completely removes human players and GUI from game. Use console and bugtracker to test AI quickly. Additionally, game cna be launched with --onlyAI parameter to enable this mode by default.
  • crash - force game crash. It is sometimes useful to generate memory dump file in certain situations, for example game freeze.
  • set <command> <on/off> - toggle one of debug options on or off. Possible commands:
    • autoskip - identical to "autoskip" option
    • showGrid - displays grid on adventure map
    • showBlock - shows blocked tiles on map. Requires image data/blocked.bmp present.
    • showVisit - shows visitable tiles on map. Requires image data/visitable.bmp present.
    • hideSystemMessages - supress server messages in chat.
  • gosolo - AI take control over human players and vice versa
  • controlai - give control of one (if color specified) or all AIs to player