Cheat codes

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Following cheat codes have been implemented in VCMI:

  • vcmiistari - gives all spells and 999 mana to currently selected hero
  • vcmiainur - gives 5 Archangels to every empty slot of currently selected hero
  • vcmiangband - gives 10 black knight into each slot
  • vcmiarmenelos - build all buildings in currently selected town
  • vcminoldor - all war machines
  • vcminahar - 1000000 movement points
  • vcmiformenos - give resources (100 wood, ore and rare resources and 20000 gold)
  • vcmieagles - reveals FoW
  • vcmiglorfindel - advances currently selected hero to the next level
  • vcmisilmaril - player wins
  • vcmimelkor - player loses
  • vcmiforgeofnoldorking - Hero gets all artifacts except spell book, spell scrolls and war machines. This includes artifacts added via mods.

Console commands

  • autoskip - Toggles autoskip mode on and off. In this mode, player turns are automatically skipped and only AI moves. However, GUI is still present and allows to observe AI moves.
  • onlyai - When typed in pregame, it completely removed human players and GUI from game. Use console and bugtracker to test AI quickly. Additionally, game cna be launched with --onlyAI parameter to enable this mode by default.